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Block Planting


This creekline was showing signs of a rising watertable. The evidence is the barley grass, bare wet spots and poor pasture composition due to waterlogging.
Nine Month Block Planting

Photo: Nine-month-old block planting of native shrubs and salt tolerant Eucalyptus, Kojonup WA (550 mm pa rainfall)
Creekline Revegetation

Photo: Creekline revegetation with native shrubs and trees will
help ease the threat of raising watertable in the low lying zones,
Broomehill (450 mm pa rainfall)

The creekline was fenced off and salt tolerant trees and shrubs were planted to lower the water table. As they grow they will soak up the water and reduce the spread of salinity. Directional surface drainage has helped direct the surface run off to the eroded creekline.
15 Year Black Planting

Photo: 15-year-old block planting of native shrubs, salt tolerate
Eucalyptus, North Burracoppin, WA (250 mm pa rainfall)

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