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Land Preparation
Excellent site preparation for revegetation, landcare and tree crop projects is essential. Deep ripping eliminates the need for summer watering and allows the roots to penetrate the sub soil unhindered. Mounding elevates the trees from possible waterlogging and concentrates the topsoils as many trees are lost through waterlogging. Mounding also concentrates topsoils within the planting zone.

Weed Control

Identification of the weed composition prior to site preparation ensures the correct chemicals are used to ensure the trees are weed free throughout the initial 12-month period.

Combination of effective site preparation and weed control ensures growth and survival rates are maximised.

PALS plan and implement all site preparation operations.
Good Weed Control

Photo: Good weed control and mound profile ensures excellent
initial vigour and strike rates
Broad Acre Site

Photo: Broad acre site preparation

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